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Raspberry Pi Home Lab




The underlying infrastructure in the laustinspace home lab is utilizing containerization, specifically, Docker containers. Docker containers allow an unmatched level of portability, scalability, performance, and isolation.


DNS Services

Maximizing Cloudflare's cutting-edge features, I've expanded my network securely with tunnels and robust DNS, created dynamic web pages using Cloudflare Pages, and enhanced security through zero-trust access, making Cloudflare the cornerstone of my highly integrated home lab.


Virtual Private Network

Tailscale transforms my home lab by enabling effortless and secure network connectivity. Its user-friendly setup and robust encryption facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among devices, ensuring a connected and secure environment for my lab activities.

Favorite Apps


Password Manager

Vaultwarden is an unofficial Bitwarden server implementation written in Rust. It is compatible with the official Bitwarden clients, and is ideal for self-hosted deployments where running the official resource-heavy service is undesirable. Vaultwarden is targeted towards individuals, families, and smaller organizations.


Knowledge Dump

Utilizing Obsidian for my note-taking and knowledge management needs, I've efficiently organized and accessed a wealth of information, leveraging its intuitive interface and versatile features. Obsidian has become my central repository, facilitating seamless collaboration and continuous learning, ensuring that my ideas and insights remain readily accessible and well-structured.


Version Control

By leveraging Gitea for version control and container registry needs, I've streamlined my development workflow, utilizing its user-friendly interface and robust features for seamless project management. Gitea's container registry has provided a secure platform for storing and deploying Docker container images, ensuring the integrity of my applications throughout the development process.


Photo Storage

Immich, a high-performance self-hosted photo and video backup solution, prioritizes efficient storage and mobile accessibility, providing a user-friendly interface for reliving cherished memories. Embodying a commitment to privacy and nostalgia, Immich stands as a testament to the quest for a private alternative to mainstream photo storage services.


eBook Management

Calibre, the ultimate e-book management tool, simplifies the organization and accessibility of my digital library. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Calibre streamlines e-book management, enabling easy transfer and conversion across devices. Its comprehensive cataloging system and customizable organization options enhance my reading experience, making it an indispensable tool for any digital bibliophile.


Document Management

Paperless-ngx offers an intuitive document management system, simplifying the organization and retrieval of digital documents. With its efficient scanning and indexing capabilities, it streamlines the workflow, enhancing productivity and accessibility. It transforms your physical documents into a searchable online archive so you can keep, well, less paper.